About us

ETOILE PLASTIQUE is an industry company created en Algeria since 1967 and dedicated to the production of several Plastique items.
In these fifty years, we gained a big experience confirming the quality and robustness of our items.
Thus, we became specialists en products of big volume both in the blowing as injection; helped by 4 sites of more than 55 000 m² from which 2 dedicated to the production.
Recently, we opened our company to the international market, especially through Europe where we are getting very positive feedbacks. We are sure to increase a lot our sales through the exportation in the next years.


Jumbo box

Jumbo Box

Conteneurs et corbeils

Conteneurs et bacs

Caisse de poisson

Caisse Poisson

Tubes PVC

Tubes PVC

tables et chaises

Tables et chaises

fûts cylindriques

Fûts et réservoires

Why choosing us?

Our large experience in the industry

The quality of our products and the integrity of our range also for exportation

The creativity of our proposals and solutions

The clarity of our comunication in recommendations and services

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