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Bloodbank project

LMD L2/Groupe1/Team1. OOP Project

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Welcome Our Project's WebPage.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
We are proud to announce our project of OOP module.
After days & nights of hard work, many tries & testes we achivied that goal of presenting a respected project.
  • To make this project happened we needed to use some extra efforts out of the OOP module, we did some scientific researches by Googling or by asking doctors..

  • About BloodBank project

    Simply is a tiny blood donation management system, which we tried to make blood transfusion procedures easier and quick by listing the blood stock's status, and list avalible donors.

    The procedures explained:
    We believe that that system can make some change later 。◕‿◕。 Inchaa Allah.

    Used tools and technologies

    Most of the tools are free & open source, such as:

    And alot of coffee !!

    Authors and Contributors

    Done by @Fcmam5 (Fortas Abdeldjalil), @nesrinehanane (Nisrine Hanane Rekkab), @nourelhouda31 (Chergui NourelHouda), @Mouilah-Sarra (Fortas Abdeldjalil), @liila (Leila Kadri). @Hichem (Hichem Walid Djellal).
    With a support from our teacher Dr Asmaa Bengueddach.

    Support or Contact

    Feel free to contact Abdeldjalil Or any one of us :) .

    </> By ♥, and alot of C8H10N4O2